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Ultimate List of 50 IoT Platforms of 2019

The Ultimate Guide to IoT Platforms of 2019


Must Have e-book for developers, IoT Enthusiast or anybody who is interested in IoT

The most comprehensive Review of 50 IoT Platforms in the world.

This e-book features six chapters, over 30,000 words, and a mixture of videos, infographics, guides, podcast episodes, and more—all designed to deliver you a comprehensive and unparalleled IoT education—and all for free.

Whether you're a IoT veteran in need of new strategies and a good refresher, or you're just getting started with IoT landing pages—you're in the right place.

We have review 50 IoT Platforms, Different Development Board and Configurations & 

Book Highlights

What is a IoT Platform?

Let’s start at the very beginning. In this chapter, we’ll settle on our IoT Platform definition, discuss main types of IoT Platforms, and some common characteristics that most IoT Platforms share. This chapter will get you started thinking about what your IoT Platforms can accomplish, with plenty of resources to help you do it. 

SaaS IoT Platforms

From the uses you know of to some that you don’t, Software as a Serivice ( SaaS) IoT platforms has everyting. Included here are many best practices and suggestions for how to get the highest ROI out of the IoT Applications you create, while exploring the variety of ways they can contribute to your business. 

Open Source IoT Platforms

In this chapter, we demystify the Open Source Platforms for the Open Source Community. In any Software Field, Open-Source is playing a vital role and everyone want to try out open-source systems. We have covered extensively on the open-source platforms. 

Entreprise IoT Platforms

As the name suggests, if you are a large Entreprise and looking for a support and a reliable vendor to talk to and be part of your use case development, Entreprise is the way to go. 

Self-Service IoT Platforms

You can design and create the best net in the ocean, but if you’re not near the fish, you’ll never catch a thing. The same goes for your IoT Platforms. Self Services Platforms helps you design the best net and make sure your net is secure, robust and scalable. It allows you to configure the underlying systems the way you want it. 

How to Choose an IoT Platform ?

Once you’ve got a gist of all the IoT Platforms, it’s common to wonder what’s next. We’ll take you beyond the world of IoT Platforms in this chapter, and discuss some common IoT automation tactics, to give you ideas of what you can do with your growing business. 

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